THE ARCHIPELAGO 1h23. KP Film 2016
Direction and screenplay : Benoit Maestre
With Sylvie Maury, Guillaume Destrem et Samuel Mathieu
Music by Mathius Shadow-Sky

(with english subtitles)

Martin never wakes up where he falls asleep.
Eva meets a man she knew on the internet, a dangerous date.
The roamer leaves his life and town and looses himself into the wild.
They'll have to deal with the silent warrior that bloods this archipelago…
"The Archipelago" is a dramatic and surreal fantasy, a very independent production made with a micro budget.

THE ARCHIPELAGO 4,1 go from Benoit Maestre on Vimeo.

English subtitles by David Barrié & Thomas Tulasne

Pelicula sobre licence Creative Commons By-NC-Nd 2.0

Sylvie couteau

guerrier silencieuxMartin allongeĢ